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Over 50 million people are injured in road crashes each year in the United States.

Studies show hiring a lawyer will get you 3.5 times more compensation on average than working with the insurance company alone. A car accident lawyer will evaluate your claim and help get money for personal injuries, medical bills, pain & suffering and lost wages.

Don't wait to hire a lawyer as the law limits the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit.

Protect those rights. What to do if you're in an accident:

Gather information. Talk to witnesses. Take photographs of the scene, including damage to all vehicles involved. Exchange insurance information. Take notes. Pay attention to relevant statements made by all parties.

Be aware that an insurance adjuster may hire a private investigator to monitor your post accident activities. They may do so by videotaping you or interviewing your neighbors.

Call the police. Local Police Officers will gather information, investigate and issue a report with their findings. The officer(s) will provide all parties with a collision exchange form at the scene. Police will later issue a report that is important as it documents the crash, provides an official account of the scene and includes evidence of fault.

Be sure to tell your healthcare providers about all of your symptoms including any pain you experience. The insurance company evaluates your claim based on your doctor's records and reports. It is very important to maintain a good relationship with your doctor. If you miss appointments or fail to cooperate with your doctor, it may damage your claim.

As the victim of a car accident, you have a legal right to pursue filing a claim against parties that are responsible or at fault for the accident.

Do not settle your claim until you and your doctor can predict your future healthcare needs. Don't let the adjuster pressure you to settle prematurely!

Once a claim is filed, be careful what you say to the insurance adjuster. Carefully consider every question asked by the insurance company, as they will want a statement from you. Any information you reveal could be used against you later. Don't let the adjuster pressure you to settle prematurely.

Lastly, do not sign anything without careful consideration, especially any kind of Release. Signing a release will end your claim!

If injured in a car accident,
seek medical help ASAP

Many drivers suffer car accident injuries that do not manifest themselves until days or weeks after the car accident. Regardless of your car accident injuries, if you are involved in a car accident you should contact your physician as soon as possible and get medical treatment for any symptoms or pain. Common car accident injuries include: neck injury; back injuries; knee damage; whiplash; brain trauma, etc. Don't ignore symptoms or go untreated.